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Success Stories

Tenacious, detail-oriented, caring, and compassionate are just a few of the words that would describe CASAEP volunteer Patricia “Pati” LaBrosse. Although Pati was sworn in only a little more than a year ago, she has already become a model volunteer. Her kind-hearted yet honest approach to advocacy has proven to be one of her greatest assets. She handles the delicate nature of her cases and the children for whom she advocates with the precision of a master gardener tending to the rarest of flowers.

  • I am for the child who worried that her mommy might lose the fight against her addiction; for the child who was non-verbal, sad, and alone; for the child who was not properly medicated by her doctors, which led to her languishing in her school work.
  • I am for the child who lived in fear of the threat of being taken away from my home if anyone knew that Mommy was living at home; yet, the child came to know a CASA volunteer who that would stand by her side as life changed around her.
  • I am for the child who, because of my advocacy, finally received the proper medicine and educational assistance she so desperately needed.
  • I am for the child who now confidently interacts with schoolmates and friends; who greets me with a cheerful “Good Morning, Ms. Pati!”and an occasional hug; a child who smiles because Mommy is sober and at home with the whole family.
Pati LaBrosse, CASA Volunteer for Olivia

Pat & Vince Serio are a husband & wife team who have been with our CASA program for over 5 years, beginning in 2007. Since then, they have evolved into the epitome of volunteerism for abused and neglected children in the Eastern Panhandle of WV. They have the ability to work together, or independently. As they have gained their footing in our community, they have collectively donated over 4,000 case related hours, and driven almost 20,000 case related miles. They have met and worked with a large number of people in the ‘system,’ gained respect, and are now called upon by professionals in the community to assist in newly opened cases. CASA has repeatedly witnessed their unending, unbiased nature, and has seen them overcome time constraints, financial barriers, race, and politics to reach out & touch the lives of abused and neglected children here in the Eastern Panhandle. Through Pat & Vince, CASA has seen beauty in its simplest form: art. The art of love.

  • We are for the child who suffered from multiple emotional disorders.
  • For the child who was non-verbal, sad, and alone. For the child who was misunderstood by the system, and even by his teachers. He attended school in multiple school districts and was even expelled by one of them because of his many disorders and inability to communicate.
  • We are for the child who was placed in a residential treatment facility, had multiple caseworkers, and came to know 2 CASA volunteers who would stand by his side as life changed around him.
  • We are for the child who now has the benefit of full communication among DHHR, his placement facility, his therapists, family, and the Court.
  • We are for the child who smiles because his life is better than it was before.
Pat & Vince Serio, CASA Volunteers for David

Since 2004 and 2006, respectively, Kathy and Renee have been active and assigned with cases at CASA of the Eastern Panhandle, Inc. They have partnered together since 2006. Collectively, they have donated over 1,135 case related hours, driven over 2,740 case related miles, and advocated for 16 children. Kathy and Renee have created a partnership, complete with a balance of insight and wisdom that has seen CASA-EP evolve from its first case, to the wonderful organization it has become today. Both Kathy and Renee have other jobs but still manage to dedicate a portion of their time to the abused/neglected youth of the Eastern Panhandle because they are for the children.

  • We are for the children who were left unsupervised on many occasions, finally resulting in a freak accident causing them to be removed from their home due to neglect.
  • We are for the children for who have watched their mother struggle with mental illness and drug addiction.
  • We are for the children who have been in two separate placements, struggling to participate in sibling visits, with an uncooperative parent.
  • We are for the children, advocating for this mother to succeed in her endeavor toward reunification.
Kathy Reid and Renee Karos, CASA Volunteers for Callie and Cory

Scotty Turner has been an advocate with CASA of the Eastern Panhandle, Inc., since December of 2004, when she was assigned to her first case. Since that time, Scotty has donated over 810 case related hours, driven over 5000 case related miles, and advocated for 39 children since being sworn in. Scotty has partnered with other advocates and worked independently, as the needs of the children have beckoned. She has evolved with the program, is sensitive in her advocacy, but always maintains a firm sense of guidance and dedication for the children to whom she is assigned.

  • I am for the children who were removed from their home due to illegal drug activity and the incarceration of their parents.
  • I am for the children, one boy and one girl, who were lacking in adult supervision and guidance, suffering from anger management and self-image issues.
  • I am for the children, one of whom was placed in a residential treatment center to manage his behaviors. I regularly visited him, stayed in frequent contact with staff, and tried to facilitate communication between the center and all parties concerned.
  • I am for the children, one of whom had no idea how to manage herself, her image to the outside world, or her lack of self-esteem. I kept going back to her, reassuring her she was beautiful, inside and out, and on occasion would even bring her a lip-gloss or blush for her cheeks.
  • I am for the children, and I watched as one child’s grades continued to move up, and another began to flourish, with the hope of reunification with her mother.
Anne “Scotty” Turner, CASA Volunteer for the children