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CASA of the Eastern Panhandle History

Our History

2014 -
CASA-EP advocate, Kathy Reid, received the Special Governor's Civil Rights Day Award. CASA-EP advocate, Darlene Truman, received the PIP (Partners in Prevention) Child Abuse Prevention, Volunteer of the Year award. CASA launches its first ever "Frosty 5K" fundraising run. Judge Christopher Wilkes began hearing abuse/neglect cases in Morgan County, and has openly expressed his appreciation of CASA's input on these cases. CASA-EP Advocate, Robert Howard officially became a VISTA for CASA of the Eastern Panhandle, Inc. CASA-EP welcomed Joann Watkins as a 4th staff member. Fostering Futures entered the CASA-EP curricula focusing on children 14 years and up, educationally & developmentally to prepare them with multi-faceted disciplines and support systems for independent living upon exiting the CPS system. A new CASA EP web site is launched!
2013 -
CASA-EP Moved locations!!!! Outgrowing its space at the Caperton Train Station Suites to its current location at 336 S. Queen St. (St. Joseph's Parish Building!!) Yay for more space!!! Excitingly, the Taste of the Panhandle donated the largest portion of its proceeds to CASA-EP. Pumpkin Pedaler fundraiser makes its debut in October of 2013! CASA-EP began utilizing the "Flex" training program, its first online training program, which includes PowerPoint presentations, previously recorded training sessions, and other National CASA Training literature.
2012 -
CASA-EP was the recipient of the Woods Resort Golf Fundraiser, in large part due to residents, and CASA-EP advocates, Pat & Vince Serio. CASA-EP also introduced a couple of new fundraising ideas that have "stuck," like the Super Hero Fun Run. And, do not forget the CASA-EP fundraiser partnering with Outback in Martinsburg - what a great night and turnout! CASA-EP switched database systems from COMET (CASA Outcomes Management Evaluation Tool) to CASA Manager; whereby, staff attended an day-long training session in Charleston, WV to better understand the new data tracking system - IT DIDN'T WORK (just kidding - you can delete that part?) CASA-EP adopted a new transportation policy to better help serve the children we are assigned! Woot! Volunteer Coordinator, Delbert R. Pope, joined the CASA-EP staff - Yay!!!
2011 -
CASA-EP former advocate, Paul Darnauer, was recognized as West Virginia State CASA's Volunteer of the Year!! Another bright Quilt Raffle held with CASA-EP as the beneficiary. The quilt was donated by the MOM's Club of Charles Town. CASA-EP changed its ROCK (Ride on for CASA Kids) bike ride to the Rivers Century bike ride. The event took on a life of its own that year. Advocates Pat & Vince Serio were awarded the Berkeley County Council's Excellence in Community Service Award. Shawn Valentine celebrated her 5th year as a CASA-EP staff member.
2010 -
CASA introduced the Designer Purse Auction coupled with a Holiday Tea at the Bavarian Inn as an innovative fundraising idea.
2009 -
CASA-EP also held a great Quilt Raffle that same year. The Quilt was a 'Triple Irish Chain Quilt' and was donated by The Piecemakers Quilt Guild of the Eastern Panhandle. Former volunteer, Teddy Roberts' late wife, Becky was instrumental in the making and donation of the quilt to CASA. CASA-EP also participated in the 'UWEP 2009 Day of Caring,' where we helped spread gravel at the Boys & Girls Club of the Eastern Panhandle. The Pink Flamingos also returned for more flocking fun with the "Flamingo Fandango", and was followed up by another 'Luxury Raffle.' This time, luxury items were auctioned off at the CASA offices while simultaneously holding a "get-together" serving snacks and beverages for all who participated. The 2nd Annual Carole Ergin Unity Walk was held at Poor House Farm Park.
2008 -
Former advocate, Tom Logan was recognized as the UWEP's Outstanding Volunteer of the month. The Pink Flamingos made their debut for the benefit of CASA, with the first annual "Run of the Flamingos," flocking individuals and businesses alike as Martinsburg looked like a hurricane of Pepto Bismol had covered the entire town…………? CASA also held its first Carole Ergin Unity Walk in Memory of Carole Ergin, partnering with community members Dana & Kevin Knowles, Charles & Carol Preston, and Carol Zdziera (Community Alternatives to Violence) to make the event flow smoothly. CASA also held its first ever "Luxury Escape" raffle which included 8-hours of limo service (provided by Detailed Destinations) to Tysons Corner, augmented by chocolates and luxury items inside the limo for a luxury transport to a day of shopping and back - sponsored by Gina Walters (formerly Miller).
2007 -
A year of plenty. CASA-EP launched its first iteration of a website! CASA-EP held a beautiful Volunteer Recognition Dinner for the advocates at James Rumsey, where the advocates were served by the CASA-EP Board, attended by the co-founders, and Judge Gray Silver III and his family. CASA-EP also held a wonderful Volunteer Appreciation BBQ at Poor House Farm Park in August, 2007. Let us not forget that we created our very own CASA-EP billboard which "floated" in the tri-county area for a year, and had 30 second advertisement running in the local theaters for a period of time prior to all of the movies. CASA also held its first of many fundraising breakfasts in cooperation with Applebee's partnering with the Martinsburg Noon Rotary, at which Senator Rockefeller attended, among others. Additionally, CASA-EP also partook in a volunteer recruitment/awareness night at our local Pizza Hut in Martinsburg, and held its first ever 'Fashion Show' fundraising event. CASA-EP participated in the 'UWEP 2007 Day of Caring.'
2006 -
CASA-EP grew in staff size from 2 to 3, with the addition of a 2nd volunteer coordinator!! Woot! Participated in the 2006 UW Day of Caring. Successfully held a fundraising venture in Morgan County - the Morgan County Walk! Nominated by the FRN (Family Resource Network) advocate, former advocate, Sharon Davis was recognized by the Children's Youth Justice Task Force, and received the "Extra Mile Award" for her efforts in creating communication between entities (DHHR & the Courts) and helping to initiate the local RAPP (Relative as Parents Program) as well as for her work in helping to bring "ChildWatch - Through the Eyes of a Child" to this area.
2005 -
CASA-EP moved from its space in the Martinsburg DHHR office building to Caperton Train Station Suites!! The Berkeley County Commission granted $$$ to CASA-EP for the first time! CASA launched its first ever ROCK (Ride on for CASA Kids) bikeride! It was a huge success, and has evolved over the years into our largest fundraiser of each year! Participated in the 2005 UW Day of Caring. CASA Volunteers donated over 1300 hours and 13,000 case-related miles in 2005.
2004 -
CASA-EP advocates had already donated over 1,410 hours of time and 6000 miles in 2004.
2003 -
CASA-EP is born through the hard work and dedication of two very special ladies Joan Piemme and Val Smith.